Delegation of Indonesian scholars on discovering the Indonesian ties in Cape T

South Africa and Indonesia have only enjoyed formal diplomatic ties since August 1994, but the link between the two countries stretches back over 322 years. Our Cape Malay history is well documented and speaks about the Indonesian political exiles or prisoners who had opposed the colonisation of their countries and then come to the Cape of Good Hope, brining Islam to the tip of Africa. As we know, the most prominent figure in Cape Malay history who resisted the Dutch occupation of the East Indies, and is hailed as a hero in modern day Indonesia, was Sheikh Yusuf of Macassar.
Joining us in studio today is a delegation of Indonesian scholars visiting Cape Town for the past week. They are here to research the historical context of Cape Town Muslims in relation to Muslims in Banten, Indonesia. Guests:
Mufti Ali – an academic from the Leiden University in the Netherlands and Mogamat Kammie Kamedien