CoverMode - Episode One

Roshan Isaacs hosts a new show ‪#‎CoverMode‬ every Monday at 12pm. Covering the Graceful, Modest and Stylish women. Featured guests this week include Imrah Gliwa, Rushda Sirkhotte Behardien, Riehanas Scarves, Abashiya Achilles - fabulous in Hijab
7 Sep 2015 English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Islam

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Al Aqsa, 51 years later and inferno rages on

On 21 August, 1969, an extremist Australian Christian, Dennis Michael Rohan, attempted to set fire to Masjidul Al-Aqsa Mosque – a significant moment in the history of this sacred mosque. The fire destroyed some of Jerusalem's most historic landmarks, including a 1,000-year-old pulpit. It’s believed Dennis Rohan’s actions had the…
19 Aug 2020 1 hr 43 min

Muslims for Humanity Webinar

Insights into the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affects us South Africans Guest Speaker: Professor Salim Abdool Karim (Chairperson of the Covid-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee)
4 Jul 2020 1 hr 11 min

Black Lives Matter Discussion

With the global debate around racism and the Black Lives Matter movement, former US ambassador Ebrahim Rasool and US scholar Shaykh Siraj Wahhaj participated in an online discussion on these issues. The dialogue was hosted by the Al Ikhlaas Academic Library on Saturday 13th June
13 Jun 2020 1 hr 11 min

Sports Hub

Sportshub Team speaks to Chad Poitier of fitfreak training
12 Jun 2020 16 min