Little Nicela's fight continues

Nicela Naude was born at Groote Schuur Hospital and abandoned by her biological mother. She was adopted by Maddy and Jacques Naude. Nicela was diagnosed with Klippel Trenaunay Webber Syndrom - a rare, potentially fatal disease. Nicela needs daily medication and treatment to improve her quality of life. Unfortunately Maddy and Jacques aren't able to keep up with the cost of the treatment as funds and medical aid benefits have been depleted.
10 Jul 1AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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Jimmy Nevis pays homage to the Luxurama

Jimmy Nevis and Craig Lucas have joined forces for the first time to create a powerful new single, ‘Never Forget’. This collaboration is not just a musical milestone but also a significant cultural event, as the song features prominently in the upcoming documentary, "A Cape Town Song: The Story of…
19 Jul 5AM 6 min

A trip down memory lane with TV shows

MacGyver could make a bomb out of matches and bubblegum. Brakanjan was a heroic, sword fighting dog. Die Swart Kat might have inspired the concept of neighbourhood watch. These are all things that wouldn't make sense to someone who didn't grow up watching TV in the 80s and 90s. We…
18 Jul 5AM 1 min

Anthea opens up about the tragic loss of her son

Last month 17 year old cyclist Calib de Kock, of the Phoenix Cycling Club, tragically lost his life on a training ride in Sea Point when someone opened their car door, and he collided with it. Ryan spoke to his mom to see how the family is coping.
17 Jul 6AM 6 min

The hardest thing any parent can do

It's been just over a month since the tragic death of 17 year old cyclist Calib de Kock. According to information, the 17 year old Calib de Kock, of the Phoenix Cycling Club, was out for a training ride in Sea Point when someone opened their car door, and he…
17 Jul 5AM 3 min

R50 000 goes to Mark for cracking Ryan's Noise!

It's been 67 days and someone finally cracked Ryan's latest R50 000 Noise. Mark Petersen correctly identified the 3rd noise of 2024 as "an avocado being crushed by a car's wheel". Tune in at 7am and 8am to hear Ryan's new R50 000 noise.
15 Jul 3AM 3 min