GNU or never: Can the GNU survive the fight over cabinet

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Marius Roodt and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the emerging tensions between the DA and ANC in the GNU and ask if these can be resolved. They also discuss the Joburg debt to Eskom and expanding the GNU to municipal level.
21 Jun 9AM English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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The mess that is the MK party

Today's Daily Friend Show with John Endres, Nicholas Lorimer and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the continuing chaos in the MK party as Zuma un-fires the secretary-general. They also discuss the committee chairs in parliament, and they chat about the VBS bank scandal.
12 Jul 8AM 34 min

ANC-EFF relationship heading for a break up?

Makone Maja and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the continued deterioration of the ANC and EFF alliance in the Gauteng metros. They also discuss the inquest into the Life Esidimeni disaster and BEE in the healthcare industry.
11 Jul 11AM 14 min

R300 million stolen by hackers from Public Works | Daily Friend Wrap

Michael Morris and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the revelation by new Public Works Minister Dean Macpherson that the department was robbed of R300 million over the last 10 years. They also discuss the new Trade and Industry Minister Parks Tau and U.S.-South African relations.
10 Jul 9AM 19 min

The Daily Friend Show Special | UK election analysis

Today's Daily Friend Show discusses the United Kingdom's 2024 general election, the winners, the losers, and what It suggests about the UK's future. With Nicholas Lorimer, Hermann Pretorius and Edward Polsue.
8 Jul 9AM 1 hour