Why don't we care about what happens in Limpopo? | Daily Friend Wrap

Chris Hattingh and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the wounding of a young girl in an alleged shootout between EFF and ANC supporters in Limpopo. They also discuss the ANC blaming unemployment on population growth and talk of Eskom nuclear reactors.
22 May 10AM English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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ANC refuses to break up with SACP

Today's Daily Friend Show with Sara Gon, Nicholas Lorimer and Hermann Pretorius. They discuss the latest developments with regards to government of national unity. They also discuss racial breakdown of the voting habits of South Africans and how the DA's campaigns don't seem to work as they would like.
24 Jun 9AM 40 min

GNU or never: Can the GNU survive the fight over cabinet

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Marius Roodt and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the emerging tensions between the DA and ANC in the GNU and ask if these can be resolved. They also discuss the Joburg debt to Eskom and expanding the GNU to municipal level.
21 Jun 9AM 31 min

IFP beats MK in KZN | Daily Friend Wrap

Makone Maja and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the most recent by-elections and the incredible performance of the IFP in some by-elections in KZN as well as some DA victories. They also chat about the MK party’s claims of election fraud and how weak their case is.
20 Jun 10AM 15 min

Mk really are a bit insane | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Chris Hattingh discuss the radical racist rhetoric coming from the MK party. They also discuss the inauguration of Ramaphosa and the early tests of the GNU.
19 Jun 10AM 19 min