Asking someone to the matric ball on radio

Matric dances at some schools are around the corner and you might hear about a few youngsters finding creative ways to ask someone out to their dance. One such youngster was Benjamin who got in touch with Ryan to help him out.
20 May 6AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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Breaking records comes with many challenges

On the morning of May 10th, at an altitude of 6,405 meters, the Madswimmer team surpassed the previous record of a high altitude swim of 6,370 meters set by Australian Dan Bull in the Andes Mountains in South America. This means they now hold the highest swim record and it…
21 Jun 5AM 7 min

Vanes-Marie du Toit breaks a world record with the Madswimmers

Former Proteas netball player, award winning TV presenter, and overall superstar Vanes-Marie du Toit finally found some time to pop by for a visit. Vanes-Marie is also pushing herself to greater heights and recently found herself up in the Himalayas, conquering mountains and world records.
21 Jun 4AM 5 min

To be stingy...or not to be stingy?

A lot of us would be considered stingy to our peers and it seems like we see it everywhere - from the way people handle money, to splitting bills, and even bring-and-braais.
19 Jun 6AM 4 min

What's causing our drop in I.Q.?

Apparently IQ levels have been falling since 1975. Research indicates this decline in IQ scores is due to environmental factors in various countries rather than genetic changes. The show got talking about what the environmental factors might be…
19 Jun 6AM 4 min

She owns over 400 pairs of shoes

How often do you think about the amount of shoes you own? Who do you know that owns the most shoes you've ever seen? We think we might have found that person.
19 Jun 6AM 4 min