Home: What do you love about it?

With the awful weather in Margate impacting lives and ruining homes, Stacey Norman thought it was time to put the spotlight on hometowns. East Coasters sent voice notes, shared comments and called in to chat about their hoods and what they love about them.
16 Apr English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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Confession: Copycats, how do you handle them?

Stacey and J Sbu recently received the following confession: "Hi Stacey and J Sbu, it's Sne. People are copying my mannerisms, words, outfits and even my major at university. It's unsettling and makes me want to withdraw from social media. This even happens at the office and my friend copies…
22 May 12 min

Kiddies Hotline: How would you cheer up someone having a bad day?

Aunty Stacey and Uncle J Sbu opened the kiddies hotline this Wednesday with something that made the kiddos think! The children of KZN sent in voice notes telling us what they do to make someone smile if they're having a bad day. We heard everything from giving out flowers to…
22 May 7 min

Public transport: What have you learned from using them?

Stacey and J Sbu spoke with Sheree from Overport, who noted that it's important not to sit on the fold-up seats in a taxi and to be more outspoken! She shared that she missed a few stops due to her soft-spoken demeanour. Stacey spoke about paying more attention to the…
21 May 10 min

Fun! What do you do?

Fun means something different to everyone and Stacey Norman and J Sbu want to know more. The dynamic duo asked East Coasters what they do for fun and we heard everything from reading to hoola hooping! Tune in if you missed it live to hear if KZNers think the same…
21 May 13 min

Silent treatment: How long can you do it for?

Stacey Norman and J Sbu decided to tackle the topic of silent treatment in the show's second hour. The dynamic duo had a discussion about how long they could give someone the silent treatment before KZN tuned in. We heard some crazy answers about how long people can keep the…
20 May 14 min