#NewMusic | Tebza De DJ is all about taking over the international music space.

In this podcast King Bash is in conversation with the Ka Valungu hitmaker, Tebza De DJ. Tebza shares why he has love for remaking old songs and giving them his personal touch, He also shares how he felt when he had to take down Ka Valungu due to the legal issues that came from the family who had the rights to the song and how that pushed him to actually keep making more music. Tebza de DJ who has a new song out, speaks about future collaborations and how his latest project will have a feat of international artists. Catch up on this podcast and be in the know!
5 Apr English South Africa Business · Arts

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#BuildersRCSCreditDrive | Why the Builders Store Card is a must have.

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#NewMusic | Shekhinah on new music for 2024.

2024 is looking like a great year for South African Music, This as more artists are announcing their upcoming works, one artist who has new music coming is the award winning singer and songwriter Shekhinah. In this podcast, she joins King Bash to talk her latest single Risk which features…
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