The Current | Ep 3 | Unearthing opportunities in mining

Investec's Quentin Allison, Ayan Ghosh and Fanele Mondi, CEO of the Energy Intensive Users Group, examine the crucial role of the mining sector in the energy transition, with a focus on the growing need for so-called "clean minerals" which South Africa has in abundance.

00:00 Intro
02:37 The energy trilemma
04:53 Just transition and how to manage the loss of jobs from coal mining
07:00 Energy transition happening at a slow pace
08:09 The promise of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs)
10:56 Investec's Commodity Hedging and Working Capital Solutions
11:20 How clean are PGMs, really?
12:19 EVs are eating PGM's lunch
13:15 PGMs are vital in hydrogen fuel energy
16:27 South Africa's potential as a leader in the hydrogen economy
20:58 Other clean metals in the green energy transition
21:14 Nuclear energy in SA's energy mix
23:34 Will the hydrogen economy be a game changer for SA?

This episode was brought to you by Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking. The Commodity Hedging and Working Capital Solutions team identifies opportunities and structures investment alternatives across traditional commodity assets and exciting frontier markets like regulated carbon allowances.

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26 Mar English South Africa Business · Investing

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