The Leader in you!

We have been given authority by GOD to rule, and inside every person there are leadership qualities that He has placed over our lives that distinguish us.
12 Feb English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Education

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Push Through

When you push though and did not allow your situation to bind you. You will find success.
15 Apr 15 min

The power of persistence!

One no should not make you give up. You should become even more determined in pursuing the things you are pursuing. No is not final.
8 Apr 23 min

The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength

This because you are going through something does not mean that God cannot cover you with His Fleece. The joy of the Lord strengthens us enables us to break through in a mighty way.
1 Apr 20 min

Handle Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, this difference is that some deal with it and move forward while others deny their mistakes and remain stagnant.
25 Mar 11 min