The Great Exit

The VAR show speaks on one of the greatest managers in football at current status, who's reason for leaving is that he is burnt out and cannot continue anymore.
29 Jan English South Africa Sports · Soccer

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John Murtough, Arsenal Champions League Contender?

We are soon to approach the summer transfer window and Manchester United lose their director of football which puts a lot into question. On the other hand Arsenal are looking like a threat to all other teams in the Champions League competition, could they contend for the title?
10 Apr 26 min

The Title Chase

Arsenal seem to be bottling the Premier League for another season successfully, Liverpool and Manchester City are merely a few points away from taking over with Liverpool already on top.
3 Apr 28 min

Euro Qualifiers 2024

Join Thabo and Gloire as they discuss the Euro qualifiers, and Lionel Messi's big drop in market value.
27 Mar 27 min

New Football Regulators in England

The English football association is introducing a third-party regulator for the football industry which could potentially mean much tighter restrictions
20 Mar 9 min

It's Done For Pogba

Football Star Paul Pogba has been found guilty of "doping" using performance enhancing drugs to perform at a certain level. He has received a 4 year ban and cannot play.
6 Mar 19 min