In my seventies, I've come to appreciate that adventures come in all shapes and sizes.This is a new one.

It all started with children's stories featuring a charming pony. Kids were not only curious about his history and adventures but also surprisingly intrigued by my own experiences. We explored various places together, from visits to Gambit the Dolphin at Ushaka Marine World in Durban to days at the beach. My miniature horses were loyal companions, accompanying me on numerous training demonstrations that, to me, felt like grand adventures. Our escapades even led us to the world of film, where we starred in three movies. It didn’t matter to me if our appearance was so small that if you blinked, you’d miss us; we just enjoyed each moment – which ranged from the profoundly serious to the comically absurd.

In my seventies, I've come to appreciate that adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Even the simplest tasks, like putting on socks, can be surprisingly eventful, adding a touch of excitement to my day. I realized that some of my stories, initially more adult-oriented were also for the young at heart and could bring about shared laughter and giggles.

As an additional venture, I began sharing my experiences through blog posts and podcasts. In South Africa, printing books, especially with colourful illustrations, can be financially burdensome. Hence, the idea of a blog emerged – a platform where I could share my tales without incurring extra expenses. It became more than just storytelling; it transformed into a shared experience where I tell the stories, and you, dear listener, get to laugh and find solace in the everyday struggles we all face.

So here we are, embarking on the adventures of Dave and Phillip through books, blogs, and podcasts. It’s a journey I'm thoroughly enjoying, and I hope you find as much joy in our tales as I do in sharing them with you.
7 Dec 2023 English South Africa Comedy · Comedy Interviews

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