Dave Leslie

Dave Leslie

“Coffee Please” is more than a podcast it is a multifaceted audio experience that caters to a wide spectrum of interests.
Whether you seek inspiration from real-life stories, wish to revisit childhood wonder through storytelling, or enjoy the comforting chaos of everyday ramblings our three channels have something special waiting for you. Listen in and let the journey begin!
Click on any of the three channels below and choose an adventure.
South Africa
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Spilling the stories

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in, to captivating stories about a pony and his owner, as they go on new adventures. They have interviews with interesting people They meet new friends, and follow the dreams and, aspirations they have as we all, navigate life, in a world full…
30 Mar 9 episodes English Kids & Family · Relationships

Dave leslie

Adventures and rambling on about who knows what. Positive and fun anecdotes of my life trying to run my podcasts and stay out if trouble. As the saying goes "do not let the old man in"
14 Jan 3 episodes English Comedy · Comedy Interviews

Grampy Stories

Welcome to” Grampy Stories” a magical world where Imagination comes to life. Join me as I take you on exciting adventures, share silly jokes, And weave exciting tales that will make you laugh, think, and dream. So, grab a cozy spot and let’s embark on a journey filled with love…
30 Jan 4 episodes English Kids & Family · Books