ConCourt sets ground rules for 2024 independents…

The Constitutional Court handed down judgments today (Monday) that set important rules for independent candidates in next year’s national election. Michael Louis, the chair of the Independent Candidates Association (ICA), was there. In this interview, he takes BizNews through the judgments and explains their implications.  He predicts a scenario where an independent candidate needs to get 90,000 votes for a seat, but gets 67,000 votes and doesn’t get elected as a Member of Parliament, while a political party with 43,000 votes will get a seat. He says the big challenge now is that independent candidates will have to “really pick up the muster to prove their strength”. And he vows that ICA is going out “full steam to identify great leaders in all the provinces and then equip and train them to become independent candidates and politicians”. He already has 29 independent candidates “of very high profile” wanting to stand. - Chris Steyn

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5 Dec 2023 3AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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