Do you google the value of a gift you receive?

Two of your favourite voices have teamed up to make your drive home better than ever before. Stacey & J Sbu have levelled up and are bringing you some fire content, edgy topics and world class radio listening.
5 Dec 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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Stacey and J Sbu discuss naming appliances and KZN joins in

After discussing the naming of cars, Stacey revealed that she names her household appliances. From Mini the Microwave to Dani the Dishwasher, Stacey named all her helpful appliances and asked KZN if they do the same. Join our conversation!
26 Feb 7 min

Do you name your car?

Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN if they named their trusty vehicles and why. East Coasters wasted no time sharing their cute names and backstories. Missed out on the fun? Tune in to our podcast and have a laugh with us!
26 Feb 11 min

Kiddies Hotline: International Mother Language Day

Today Stacey and J Sbu celebrated International Mother Language Day by asking kids in KZN what languages they speak. From isiZulu to Tamil, we heard a plethora of different mother languages from the cutest kids!
21 Feb 8 min