UNDICTATED: Firing, re-hiring of Chat GPT’s Sam Altman, and why it matters - SA perspective with FNB’s AI guru

A PhD in Mathematical Statistics, Prof Mark Nasila is leading the Artificial Intelligence project at FNB, Africa’s most innovative bank. Given his passion, Nasila has kept a close eye on the past week’s drama around the firing and re-hiring of Sam Altman, rockstar of the global AI industry and co-founder of the world’s hottest start-up, the enterprise which created ChatGPT. In this wide-ranging episode of UNDICTATED, Nasila also shares insights on how South Africa is performing in the AI revolution (poorly) and what can be done to leapfrog the nation’s slow start. He spoke to BizNews editor Alec Hogg
23 Nov 2023 12PM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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