Memoir of a Murder, a Mistress, the Mafia - and the Mother who sacked him - with Lew Geffen

Property Maverick Lew Geffen speaks about his book, Soul Mandate, a business memoir that contains a story of two extramarital affairs, one that ended in murder and the other that ended in happiness. He reveals what happened on the right Jason Rohde murdered his wife. He speaks about the happiness he has found with the woman who became his mistress 23 years ago. He relates how he had to personally buy back a house his sales agents had sold or be killed by assassins from the Israeli Mafia. He reveals why his mother, Aïda, sacked him in a note sent by scooter. He is the man who sold President Nelson Mandela’s first house in Houghton, marketed one to Princess Diana - and is now set to become the next Roald Dahl by writing children’s stories. - Chris Steyn
23 Nov 2023 6AM English South Africa Investing · Business News

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