2024 Elections: Big changes on the cards?

What can we expect come the 2024 South African General Elections? To help answer this question, Carol talks to seasoned political analyst, Dr Ongama Mtimka.

Dr Mtimka - a senior researcher, political analyst, lecturer and non-profit organisation executive, based at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha - predicts that for the first time at national level, we'll see a coalition. He believes the driver for the fall of the ANC below 50% of the vote, would likely be the major metropolitan municipalities.

Dr Mtimka says, “It will mean that for the first time the transformation of the dominant party system, which we have observed since 2009, would have culminated in a multi-party democracy.”

In terms of a more granular look at the results and how the different parties will feel, Dr Mtimka predicts the ANC will not be very satisfied after the 2024 elections, but feels parties like the Freedom Front and the Economic Freedom Fighters will be somewhat happy with the results.

As far as the Democratic Alliance is concerned, Dr Mtimka predicts they’ll be relieved to have not bled any further.

Dr Mtimka also reiterated the importance of every single South African who is eligible to vote, registering and actually doing so in 2024. “You may be voting for continuity or you may be voting for change, but our democracy needs it.”
15 Nov 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture · News Commentary

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