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The Carol Ofori Podcast is your go-to source for answers to all the burning questions swirling in your mind. From the inner workings of Eskom's loadshedding to the safety of hair relaxers and mommy makeovers, and from the fascinating realm of the metaverse to the truth about drinking bottled water, we've got you covered. Listen to the podcast and let host Carol Ofori help get the answers to quench your curiosity!

The Carol Ofori Podcast is the perfect place for thought-provoking discussions and in-depth explorations of a wide variety of fascinating topics. Join Carol as she leads conversations with handpicked experts from diverse fields to provide the answers to all of your burning questions.

The Carol Ofori Podcast - a finalist in the 2023 DSTv Content Creator Awards for Podcast of the Year - is hosted by the talented Carol Ofori (previously Ralefeta). Carol is a seasoned, international award-winning voice-over artist, award-winning radio presenter, TV host, and motivational speaker. She is not only the voice of many of South Africa's most beloved brands but also a voice for some of the most important conversations happening today.

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20 Episodes

Weight loss 'quick fixes' and off-label drugs: Are they worth it?

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol investigates a drug, initially developed to manage type 2 diabetes, but now also gaining global popularity as a weight loss solution. There’s a new weight loss craze that’s taking the world by storm, with many people reporting great success. It is…
17 Apr 45 min

From Rape Accusation to Vindication: The Tol A$$ Mo Story

Top South African comedian Tol A$$ Mo and his wife Mome hold nothing back in this brave and unreserved conversation on The Carol Ofori Podcast. Tol A$$ Mo was accused of rape by model Lerato Moloi in 2020 and then cleared of all charges in August 2022. “I was not…
4 Apr 48 min

Are you talking yourself out of success?

In the latest episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol has an important conversation with ‘Servings of Self-Mastery’ author Dr Alistair Mokoena. Dr Mokoena explains the importance of celebrating every success along the way, instead of waiting for the ‘big victories’ as we need the small wins to keep us…
19 Mar 37 min

EskomSePush: We're Ready for Stage 16!

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, the first for Season three, Carol speaks with Dan Southwood-Wells, one of the founders of the wildly popular EskomSePush app. They discuss its origins, and how financially lucrative it has been for them, plus share their plans and predictions for the country…
6 Mar 26 min

What is Caster Semenya's fight all about?

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol has an honest, frank, and sometimes hilarious conversation with South African two-time Olympic gold medallist, Caster Semenya. Semenya recently published her book titled ‘The Race to be Myself’, in which she takes us on a journey through her younger years in…
30 Nov 2023 42 min

2024 Elections: Big changes on the cards?

What can we expect come the 2024 South African General Elections? To help answer this question, Carol talks to seasoned political analyst, Dr Ongama Mtimka. Dr Mtimka - a senior researcher, political analyst, lecturer and non-profit organisation executive, based at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha - predicts that for the…
15 Nov 2023 28 min

Car guards: How much do they earn?

How much does the average car guard earn in South Africa? How much do they pay to be allowed to stand there? Which cars do the most generous or the stingiest tippers generally drive? All the details are in the latest episode of The Carol Podcast. If you’re a South…
2 Nov 2023 22 min

South Africa and Gun Violence: Too many shots fired?

Has South Africa become a gun-wielding society, and if so, how do we fix it? 68 people are murdered every day in South Africa with firearms being the most frequently used weapon. Is the problem that we have too many guns in society or is it something far deeper than…
19 Oct 2023 52 min

Are we heading for a serious financial crisis? Yes, says Dawie Roodt

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol has an in-depth conversation with seasoned economist Dawie Roodt about the current state of the South African economy. Apart from the rising cost of living, you add loadshedding to the mix and it becomes almost unmanageable for the average South African…
5 Oct 2023 39 min

Tony Forbes: The grief and the memories of son, AKA

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol has a candid and sincere conversation with Tony Forbes, the father of late hip hop star, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, or AKA, who was murdered in Durban in February this year. Tony Forbes, affectionately known as ‘Uncle Tony’, shares personal stories about…
21 Sep 2023 35 min

Dali Tambo: Life in Exile and the Current State of South Africa

When you think of the dawn of democracy in South Africa, and one of the pioneers of SA television at the time, there can be only one man that springs to mind. The man who was there, asking the tough questions on public broadcaster, the SABC; and profiling the people…
7 Sep 2023 41 min

Why did Nkosana Makate turn down Vodacom’s R47-million offer?

In this episode, Carol sits down with the inventor of Vodacom's 'Please Call Me' service. Kenneth Nkosana Makate developed the 'Please Call Me' concept while he was working as a trainee accountant at Vodacom in 2000. But that was only the start of a long battle between Makate and Vodacom…
1 Jun 2023 36 min

Will Chat GPT take your job one day?

Artificial intelligence is here whether we like it or not, and it might be ‘applying for your job’ as we speak. If you’re worried about ChatGPT taking your job one day, this episode of ‘The Carol Ofori Podcast’ is for you. If you have no idea what ChatGPT is, this…
25 May 2023 34 min

Do hair relaxers cause cancer?

In the latest episode of the popular 'The Carol Ofori Podcast,' Carol dives into a subject very close to her heart: do hair relaxers cause cancer? When Carol began using hair relaxers again this year, she began researching the treatment and the ingredients used in these products, uncovering a potential…
18 May 2023 22 min

Lynn Forbes reflects on life after AKA’s murder

In this episode, Carol Ofori has a heart-to-heart conversation with the mother of murdered hip hop star, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, or AKA. Lynn Forbes speaks in detail about the day the horrific murder took place, including the moment she was told her son was dead to how she feels about…
11 May 2023 1 hr 02 min

Plastic surgery risks?

In an earlier episode of the ‘Carol Ofori Podcast’, Carol spoke to reality TV star JoJo Robinson about the numerous mommy makeover procedures she’s had. JoJo held nothing back and told us everything about pretty much every single procedure. The response to that episode was so enormous that Carol simply…
4 May 2023 16 min

What does a divorce cost?

Ever wondered about the real cost of divorce? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place. Carol Ofori sat down with attorney Benita Ardenbaum, who is the Founder and Director of an all-woman legal firm in Durban, South Africa, Benita Ardenbaum Family Law Attorneys. Benita is a senior attorney with…
27 Apr 2023 43 min

Real Housewives of Durban star JoJo Robinson on mommy makeovers

Popular reality TV star JoJo Robinson has spent over R800 000 on multiple mommy makeover procedures. In episode two of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol asks her if it was all worth it. As mommy makeovers (cosmetic surgery procedures) become more and more popular, Carol thought it necessary to speak…
20 Apr 2023 35 min

How safe is your tap water?

If you’ve ever wondered how safe your tap water is and if you should really be drinking it, the first episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast will put those questions to bed! Introducing The Carol Ofori Podcast, where we answer all those questions that you’re just too swamped to Google…
13 Apr 2023 16 min

The Carol Ofori Podcast - Trailer

*** LAUNCHES 13 APRIL 2023 *** Do you ever find yourself with countless questions swirling in your mind, yet too busy to Google them or too exhausted to ask Chat GPT? Questions such as, "Does one person at Eskom control loadshedding?" or "Is it safe to use hair relaxers?" Maybe…
11 Apr 2023 1 min