Who's Out There? Episode 3 Part 2 - Getting The Narrative Correct: Where African Spirituality Fits into Christian Bias

On my road to researching religious sects here in South Africa, I made a stop at an African religious showcase out in Springbok Park in Hatfield, Pretoria.

In Episode 4, we will chat with African Healer Prof Lunga who was hosted at this event courtesy of Kara Ministries, but before releasing that episode, I wanted to touch base with Bowkid Mahlangu, a film and multimedia producer who was covering the get-together as part of his long-running projects spotlighting the stories within the ancestral experiences, the community opinions, and where exactly this hierarchy fits into the belief in the Christian God.

IN PART 2, we clear up the subjective opinion of where African cultures have worked the Christian God into their faith and practices. Let's dissolve the hypocrisy in African tradition. Customized religion is a threat to any belief system, and needs to be part of re-education across communities.
How does God exist within us, as a personal extension of Himself? African beliefs seek to fully conceptualize the pragmatic semantics of faith and are a great model of deity inclusion.

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14 Oct English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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