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Chris Jordan is an experienced media practitioner. Spending over 20 years in the media industry, he has worked for commercial hit radio station 947, produced for international entertainment conglomerate Ryan Seacrest, presented on Harlem, New York's SARFM, and managed at retail station Yebo Radio, and managed the conception of South African LGBTQ+ Online station GaySARadio. He also runs his own media training company, Chris Jordan Media, which has serviced stations like SMU FM, Alex FM, Lesotho's MXXL FM, MCRS FM, Ekhuruleni FM and Pheli FM. Training aspiring media professionals for the past 10 years at Boston Media House, Chris also published his academic textbook "A Word on Radio" and audiobook "Radio 1 on 1: 25 of the Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting. For more information, visit
Chris has also been an entertainment journalist/presenter on eTV's Morning Live for 4 years.


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I am so happy to be sharing this super personal journey through my favorite medium in sound. I preach to media practitioners that I mentor and train, that they need to start narratives that no one has demanded, requested, or shown a direct need for – but rather pro-actively view the world around them, step in, and tell a story that they didn’t know the world around them, wanted to be told.

Please enjoy this "broadcast-ography" (so to speak) with me.

And I hope it touches a comfortable, personal, private, and loved space in your own life.