Who's Out There? Episode 1 Part 1 - An Intro Conversation with Pantheist Activist Damon Leff

My name is Chris Jordan, and welcome to another of my thought-provoking, progressive podcast series called “Who’s Out There”
A belief system is what grounds our idealistic view of self-actualization through the course of this life. Not only within our own internal battles but within those we fight around us. Talking about religion, with unlike-minded people is normally a cue for conflict, and that’s fine. Literally standing up for what you believe in. But are you defending? Or are you accepting? Why does there have to be an ultimatum drawn when sharing our spiritual practices?
I am an Orthodox Christian, currently in the thick of the real foundation of my belief system. And I want to connect with the world and its people around me. So as this series grows, I will explore just exactly “Who’s Out There?”, from varied spiritual pacelines, asking the difficult questions, and challenging these contexts in faith, and I hope you join and enjoy this experience with me.
In this arc of the series, I speak to Damon Leff, the founder of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance, a practicing pantheist who shares his worldview on natural religious practice.
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In Episode 1 PART 1, I have a Zoom conversation with Damon to first understand the semantics of witchcraft practice, to really understand questions that revolve around individualistic claims to natural connection and empowerment, incantations versus affirmations, and where this "power" is intrinsic to personal gain. What is "magic"? and what a modern-day witch may look like.

In a teaser to episode 2, we will look at Damon's journey of abdicating from Christianity and reasoning to emancipate from religious and cultural norms.

Please note that the recording quality is not that matched in a studio and over virtual communication, again as a result of my guest being located in a different province.
7 Oct English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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