Whistleblower House

Taking the courageous - and possibly dangerous - step of blowing the whistle on fraud and corruption has just become a lot easier. Meet the heroes of Whistleblower House where safety and support have found a new address.
19 Sep 12AM English South Africa News

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Ecopsychology: The Power of Nature

The concept of ecopsychology is becoming a big talking point as experts encourage individuals to feel the grass beneath their feet, breathe in the fresh air, watch wildlife go about their day, or get their hands dirty in the garden. We sit down with Conservation Psychologist, Dr Andrea Marais-Potgieter. Exploring…
5 Dec 11PM 35 min

Josh Crickmay: A Big Life

An out-of-the-box approach to bring their son back from the brink of death. Josh Crickmay is living a big adventure, repaying a life debt to mother nature.
4 Dec 11PM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (4 December 2023)

It's Dezemba and it's been a whopper of a year overflowing with news events that left us stunned, surprised, infuriated, despondent, and inspired. We look back on some of the major newsmakers that had an impact on us and the nation.
3 Dec 11PM 31 min

The LinkedIn Swindler

He used a popular social media platform for professionals to lure his unsuspecting international clients. But once they paid up, the so-called LinkedIn Swindler disappeared with their money. But police are on his trail.
28 Nov 11PM 12 min

Bird Flu

A devastating outbreak of bird flu, farmers on the brink of financial ruin and a last-ditch attempt to prevent food shortages. Can the poultry industry survive SA’s worst outbreak in recorded history?
27 Nov 11PM 11 min