The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (18 September 2023)

National Treasury wants to tighten the purse strings and not everyone is keen on the idea. A civil servant strike has the City of Tshwane on its knees, while other metros across the country are teetering on the edge. Then, we celebrate the Rugby World Cup gees and look at ways to fix the country.
18 Sep 12AM English South Africa News

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The LinkedIn Swindler

He used a popular social media platform for professionals to lure his unsuspecting international clients. But once they paid up, the so-called LinkedIn Swindler disappeared with their money. But police are on his trail.
28 Nov 11PM 12 min

Bird Flu

A devastating outbreak of bird flu, farmers on the brink of financial ruin and a last-ditch attempt to prevent food shortages. Can the poultry industry survive SA’s worst outbreak in recorded history?
27 Nov 11PM 11 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (27 November 2023)

First-time voters show up in full force, but will it be enough to effect change in the upcoming national elections? We talk about coalitions – again – as a minority party speaker takes her place in Joburg. Then, the ongoing war in Gaza hits close to home as the ANC…
26 Nov 11PM 20 min

Ikwezi Lokusa: A Good Deed

It should have been a moment of celebration; hundreds of donations from generous Carte Blanche viewers delivered to children with special needs at Ikwezi Lokusa. But it almost ended in anger and frustration for the volunteers…
21 Nov 11PM 15 min

Hysterectomy Hell

It’s estimated about one in four women will have a hysterectomy by the age of 55. Melanie Verwoerd became part of that statistic, and endured months of a gruelling recovery after her surgery – but now for the big question: was the operation even necessary?
20 Nov 11PM 11 min