ROC Breakfast exlusive - World Rallycross returns to Cape Town

Iain Banner is synonymous with motorsport and the biggest events in Cape Town. As a close friend of the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast Show he popped in for a visit and had a special announcement for us - and it's a massive event on the motorsport calendar for the Mother City. You heard it first here on Smile FM.
29 Aug 2AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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Brave city staff saved a family from a burning house

At a time when we see so much negativity on the front pages it's great when stories of local heroes come around. After a fire broke out at a double-storey residence in Heideveld, eight officials sprang into action as first responders, quickly evacuating the family from their home. Among those…
30 Nov 6AM 10 min

The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children's Bernadine Bachar

The Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children has a vision to create a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights. We caught up with the organisation's director Bernadine Bachar to reflect on the 16 Days of…
29 Nov 5AM 6 min

Kids told us why they're proud of their parents

The Ryan O'Connor Breakfast show is Cape Town's favourite destination for families travelling to school in the mornings. We love all our youngsters and the parents that drive them to school who are part of the show every morning. We gave parents the opportunity to tell us why they're proud…
29 Nov 4AM 7 min

Coach Harold "Potz" Johnson hopes to get his team to Sweden

Tramway FC is a dynamic community-based soccer club situated in Southfield, Cape Town, competing in the CTTFA district. Coach Harold "Potz" Johnson started a girls soccer team with the club because his daughter wanted to play soccer. Seven years later they now have three girls teams and one ladies team,…
28 Nov 6AM 8 min

Ard Matthews on the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast Show

Renowned South African singer and songwriter Ard Matthews popped in to talk about his upcoming performance at Cape Open Air in Muizenberg and his new single "Tell Everyone." The song, featuring collaborations with Ross Learmonth and Jude Kenrick serves as a poignant call to action against ocean pollution and is…
27 Nov 6AM 7 min