Curro Salt Rock Preschool - Unlocking Curiosity & Creativity In Every Child 🌟

Radio Life & Style’s Mike Charles gets a perspective on the exceptional early-learning approach offered by Curro Salt Rock Preschool.

Celebrating a decade of existence in 2024, and with a reputation for providing high-quality early childhood development for children from 3 months to 5 years, Mike finds out what makes this preschool so phenomenal by chatting to three of its representatives: Chantelle Smith (Head of Preschool), Zandi Mthembu (Group 2 Teacher), and Cindy Carbutt (Head of Marketing).

To find out more Curro Salt Rock Preschool’s unique early-learning environment and to arrange a tour of the preschool, visit
17 Aug 1AM English South Africa Leisure · Society & Culture

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