Josh Redman, Ryan Hunt and Privi Makan - The Litterboom Project Ballito

Initiated in 2017 by founder Cameron Service, The Litterboom Project - TLP - has taken a different approach to tackling plastic pollution through an upstream model.
With 80% of ocean plastic pollution originating up-river, we believe that using the rivers is far more effective for interception measures than beach clean-ups and has been vital in understanding why this is happening in the first place.​
Over the past few years, we have successfully been able to prevent over 500 000kgs of plastic from reaching the ocean through the hard work of only a few strategically placed teams. TLP is currently active in 10 Rivers around South Africa - 8 in KZN and 2 in the Western Cape.
Not only do we believe in Litterbooms- as our last line of defense- but we believe in a source to sea approach, which includes land based interception, education and innovation.
12 Aug 7AM English South Africa Leisure · Society & Culture

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