Right On Cue! Season 2 Episode 3

Cue Radio brings you live, up-to-date coverage of the annual National Arts Festival in Makhanda, South Africa.
24 Jun 2023 6AM English South Africa Arts · Education

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Right on Cue! Season 3 (Episode 11)

Cue Radio has covered the National Arts Festival from top to bottom, but now the party is over. In this final edition, we bring to you the best of the Fest - what worked, what worked even better and maybe where there was some room for improvement. Sit back and…
30 Jun 11AM 47 min

Right on Cue! Season 3 (Episode 10)

Weekend Cue Radio is with you - in this edition, we learn about the music from Thaba Bosiu in Lesotho; the other Gender relates the trauma of coming out and comedy from Raunchy Renditions.
29 Jun 7AM 22 min

Right on Cue! Season 3 (Episode 9)

Cue Radio brings you a fresh episode featuring news and reviews from the National Arts Festival. In this edition we look at a touching Father/Daughter story; we find out why someone spends her whole festival counting beans and Kgomotso Moumakoe takes a look at Festival from a more youthful perspective.
28 Jun 5AM 22 min

Right on Cue! Season 3 (Episode 8)

The National Arts Festival is rocking Makhanda - and here to tell us all about the latest shows is the Cue Radio team - today talking about identity issues - clearly a very serious matter - highlighting - "What makes a Man, a man?" and "Warriors on wheels" who says…
27 Jun 5AM 24 min

Right on Cue! Season 3 (Episode 7)

Cue Radio talks up the latest cool sounds from the National Jazz Festival; we hear about the complicated relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law; Madam President Evelyn a satire- and a dance-filled production about domestic workers and much more.
26 Jun 6AM 23 min