Pre-emptive rights and deemed offers

Andreas Tsangarakis, Director in the STBB Commercial Department, is joined by his colleague, Adam Ismail, Executive Consultant.

Today they will be discussing the processes involved in the sale of shares and highlight various legislation that applies. They will delve into understanding the value of shares and associated rights as well as pre-emptive rights in shareholders’ agreements.

Andreas and Adam will provide insight into the importance of understanding the legal implications when selling shares. This is an important topic to understand especially for those investing in companies or joining their board of directors.

It is also vital to understand pre-emptive rights in shareholders’ agreements, which provide an individual shareholder with a right or priority when it comes to acquiring additional shares in the company. Our two experts will provide an example of such rights and the impact on the shareholder’s ability to participate in, or influence, decisions made within the company.

Stay tuned for more information about today’s podcast as Andreas and Adam impart their knowledge on this important topic!
23 Jun 2023 English South Africa Business

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