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With the right attorney and legal information, you make informed decisions. Practicing from 12 branches throughout South Africa, STBB offers clients access to a powerful team of more than 95 independent-minded attorneys who are dedicated to client service. Through this Podcast channel we will be sharing all you need to know about all things "legal" including wills, property, estates, family law, commercial law, labour law, tax.
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Solar Tax Incentives

Our tax expert, Abduraghmaan Farao, joins us on the podcast today to discuss the government's introduction of solar tax incentives for the financial year ending 29th February 2024. He covers a lot of ground, including whether these tax-based advantages were largely intended for businesses, or whether they also apply to…
14 Feb 12 min

Labour Law FAQs

Our labour law expert, James Foxcroft, joins us on the podcast today to discuss a range of frequently asked questions about retirement and retrenchment, and the regulations governing both. In addition, he discusses misconduct and dismissal — and their applicable procedures — and whether or not you should retain a…
8 Feb 16 min

Work Smarter in 2024

Join our Marketing Manager, Leani Steenkamp, and STBB Associate, Dillon Lebotschy, as they discuss how to work more efficiently in 2024. This work-smarter session will focus on the fundamentals of time management and offer advice on how to foster positive relationships at work. Check out our podcast on this topic…
17 Jan 23 min


We have Adam Ismail on the podcast to talk about BBBEE. He goes into great detail about BBBEE, the South African government's approach, and the requirements for international or multinational corporations looking to expand their business in South Africa. For more information on this topic, don't forget to listen to…
18 Dec 2023 9 min

Enforcement of Bonds

Stefan Hougaard joins us on the podcast today. He provides us with a better understanding of loan agreements, mortgage bonds and how non-payment is enforced. He touches on scenarios that arise and how they are best resolved. Be sure to check out today’s podcast for more information on this topic!
9 Nov 2023 23 min

What tenants should know about renting

Catch David Thompson’s interview on SAFM where he covers the basic rights and obligations of tenants in lease agreements. He will also touch on the perspective of landlords having challenges in as far as tenants are concerned. Be sure to check out today’s podcast for more information on this topic!
11 Oct 2023 28 min

Know you are not alone

Coming up on our next podcast we chat Wills and Estates. Refqah Ho-Yee joins us on the podcast to talk about the essentials of this topic. She explains how each estate has its own requirements and takes us through the process from how to prepare important documentation to the average…
13 Sep 2023 12 min


Abduraghmaan Farao joins us on the podcast to talk about the nitty gritty of this topic. He covers a wide range of aspects, including the essential requirements for qualifying as a going concern. Be sure to check out today's podcast for more information on the topic! Leani Steenkamp is joined…
11 Aug 2023 10 min

Pre-emptive rights and deemed offers

Andreas Tsangarakis, Director in the STBB Commercial Department, is joined by his colleague, Adam Ismail, Executive Consultant. Today they will be discussing the processes involved in the sale of shares and highlight various legislation that applies. They will delve into understanding the value of shares and associated rights as well…
23 Jun 2023 31 min

Tax implications of property transactions

Knowing the tax implications of your property transaction is crucial, not only as seller or purchaser, but also for agents assisting in the sale process. Listen to Zama Madungadaba as she breaks down the various taxes applicable in property transactions. Zama leads with great questions and identifies the three factors…
18 May 2023 12 min

Suretyship and Marriage in Community of Property

In this month’s podcast, Olivia Harvey explains what a suretyship is and the implications of signing surety. Olivia then dives into the effect it will have if you are married in community of property and the consequences of your spouse signing surety on behalf a business - do you need…
20 Apr 2023 9 min

The Passing of Risk in a Property Transaction

Who carries the risk relating to the property during a transfer process? What about defects caused by natural disasters? Join Madelein Williams as she expertly covers these questions and explains how to distinguish between the defects covered under Voetstoots law and the importance of the Property Condition Report.
16 Mar 2023 10 min

Money Lending between Family Members

Family helps family in times of need. Kamogelo Twala discusses the risks of lending money to family members and how to avoid a sticky situation. No matter how strong the family bond is, you need a valid agreement stipulating the terms of repayment. What are these terms? Should you be…
16 Feb 2023 5 min

Insolvency: A creditor's means to recover?

Subject expert, Stefan Hougaard, covers the topic from both an individual and an entity perspective. He deals with the difference between factual and commercial insolvency as well as what insolvency actually means. Stefan explains the process of having someone declared insolvent and the benefits and risks for the creditor. Lastly,…
19 Jan 2023 15 min

Commercial Valuation of a Business - Part 2

Join the STBB Commercial Department second discussion on the Commercial Valuation of a Business. A discussion facilitated by Mike Bromley, with experts Jacques Blignaut and Adam Ismail weighing in.
5 Dec 2022 34 min

Community Schemes Ombuds Service

Janke Geldenhuys discusses the Community Schemes Ombuds Service. What it is the CSOS and when can you benefit from their services? What concerns can be raised with CSOS?
9 Nov 2022 8 min

The Conveyancing Process

Buying a property is often the biggest business transaction you will do. Things often become tricky. Belinda Lewis explains what a conveyancer is. Surprisingly, it is not just an administrative function. She further explains active and passive roles in the conveyancing process.
21 Oct 2022 7 min
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