Good news or false positives? Loadshedding, the rand, execs to help with government crises

In today's show Makone Maja, Sara Gon and John Endres. They discuss a mix of somewhat good news for the country’s economy - GDP growth and a strengthening rand and stocks; as well as reduced loadshedding. They also review South Africa’s economic freedom scores. They end the show with Tembisa Hospital’s infant mortality figures over the last three years.
8 Jun 2023 9AM English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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COSATU defends Zille | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Marius Roodt discuss the potential shattering of COSATU and the ANC as the GNU shifts South African politics. They also discuss a deal between ActionSA and the ANC in Gauteng.
23 Jul 10AM 18 min

Biden is out

Today's Daily Friend Show with Sara Gon, John Endres and Nicholas Lorimer. They discuss the announcement that Joe Biden will no longer run for reelection. They also discuss the renewed debate on expropriation without compensation (EWC). Lastly they chat about university funding.
22 Jul 8AM 35 min

Where goes the GNU?

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the president's speech at the opening of parliament, the first policy focused speech of the GNU. They also discuss why SA can't just tax the rich and they discuss MK going after the SABC.
19 Jul 8AM 29 min

Mr President, we want growth damnit! | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer, and Makone Maja discuss what they hope to see in the president's opening of parliament address . They also chat about tensions between the ANC and IFP in KZN and MK's poor performance in by-elections.
18 Jul 10AM 18 min

GNU test: DA calls for president to reject BELA bill | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Marius Roodt discuss the DA basic education minister calling on the President to reject the BELA bill. They also discuss the bizarre press conference held by Independent Media and they chat about a clash between in parliament about the construction Mafia.
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