[TOP STORY] Capital Appreciation reports ‘solid’ FY performance

‘The expected credit loss for GovChat primarily had an influence on both our basic and headline earnings’: Alan Salomon – CFO, Capital Appreciation.
7 Jun 4AM English South Africa Business News · Business

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[TOP STORY] The theory of (ETF) evolution

‘The fantastic thing about the ETF is that it's accessible. It's at a low cost, it's liquid, it's diverse, it's less confusing because you know what you're holding’: Satrix CEO Fikile Mbhokota.
4 Oct 2AM 6 min

Here’s how to spot opportunity in a depressed market

FNB's Wayne McCurrie on opportunities in the locally listed retail space as consumers continue to be squeezed. Fikile Mbhokota from Satrix on 30 years of ETFs in the US and 23 locally. Joshua Alexandre from InfoDocs on new requirements for all companies to submit beneficial ownership information to the CIPC.
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Manufacturing sector keeps fighting the fight

Alex Duys from Umthombo Wealth on the horror Pick n Pay update as the retailer replaces its CEO with Sean Summers, who led the company from 1999 to 2007. Simon Fillmore of Independent Securities talks five local and offshore stocks for all investors. Absa CIB's Sello Sekele on the September…
3 Oct 1AM 21 min