Book Choice - 16 May 23

Welcome to Book Choice on Fine music Radio, with me your host Paige Nick, sponsored by Exclusive Books.
But here’s the thing, we have so many amazing book reviews and author interviews to share with you today, that I barely even have time to tell you how many amazing book reviews and author interviews we have to share with you today.
16 May English South Africa TV & Film

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Well hello there and huge welcome to Book Choice, Publishers’ Choice, on Fine Music Radio. I’m your host of Book Choice, Paige Nick, every month we have this very special book show because we welcome three of South Africa’s top publishers and South Africa’s number one Book Seller, Exclusive books,…
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Book Choice - Plublishers Choice - 22 Aug 23

Each of the people we’ll be hearing from today today and their publishing teams, spend their days and often their nights, deciding what books to bring out working on publishing them, the production process, picking covers, picking paper weight picking fonts, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes…
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