How safe is your tap water?

If you’ve ever wondered how safe your tap water is and if you should really be drinking it, the first episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast will put those questions to bed!

Introducing The Carol Ofori Podcast, where we answer all those questions that you’re just too swamped to Google or too tired to run past Chat GPT.

In this podcast, Internationally Award Winning Voice Over Artist and Multiple Award winning Radio Presenter Carol Ofori, speaks to seasoned professionals who are handpicked especially for their experience and insight or ordinary people who have interesting stories or lived experiences to share.

In this, the very first episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, we ask the important question, “How safe is our tap water?”

Carol speaks to Former Head of Water and Sanitation at eThekwini and now an Independent Consultant with over 50 years’ experience, Neil Macleod.

In an honest and candid conversation, Neil speaks openly about the state of water and sanitation in South Africa, and tells us where he will and where he will not drink the tap water.

Neil might even surprise you with his opinion on bottled water and those ‘fancy’ filters and expensive reverse osmosis systems many of us have in our homes.

So, before you twist the tap handle for your next glass of water or spend your hard-earned money on the ‘safer’ bottled version, listen to this podcast – you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two about the liquid we take for granted every single day.
13 Apr 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture · News Commentary

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