The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (27 March 2023)

As Human Rights Month comes to a close, Carte Blanche's Siniketiwe Hlanze and Maverick Citizen editor Mark Heywood look at everything from basic services, to our Constitution, to protests. We end things off with a wholesome discussion on the South African people's resilience and ability to transcend even the most trying times. 
27 Mar 12AM English South Africa News

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Horror in the Inner City

In Johannesburg, at least 77 people were killed after a fire tore through a five-storey building. Witnesses say most of the victims didn’t stand a chance. Now, as the city scrambles for answers, we investigate how hijacked buildings could bring the inner city to its knees.
21 Sep 12AM 12 min

Job Scams

Gripped by unemployment and frantic to find a way out… How ruthless job scammers are preying on job seekers.
20 Sep 12AM 11 min

Whistleblower House

Taking the courageous - and possibly dangerous - step of blowing the whistle on fraud and corruption has just become a lot easier. Meet the heroes of Whistleblower House where safety and support have found a new address.
19 Sep 12AM 12 min

The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (18 September 2023)

National Treasury wants to tighten the purse strings and not everyone is keen on the idea. A civil servant strike has the City of Tshwane on its knees, while other metros across the country are teetering on the edge. Then, we celebrate the Rugby World Cup gees and look at…
18 Sep 12AM 20 min

High Impact

There’s virtually no game of rugby that doesn’t result in some concussion injuries. But the big question: how many knocks does it take to cause long-term, irreversible damage? We reveal breakthroughs in concussion research that help protect the players and the game.
14 Sep 12AM 12 min