Hollywoodbets announces its theme for Durban July 2023

Earlier in the show, Darren and Sky spoke to Devin Heffer who is the Brand and Communications Manager for Hollywoodbets comes to studio and to announce the theme for this year's Durban July.
28 Mar 2023 1AM English South Africa Society & Culture · Daily News

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East Coast Breakfast team prepare to meet the boss' boss' boss' boss!

Darren received a message from the CEO of Kagiso Media telling the team to prepare for an 8:50 am meeting. Carmen thinks he's visiting to commend her timeliness and hard work while Sky thinks there may be some complaints about "skin lying around"... What do you think?
29 Feb 11PM 4 min

It's a leap year birthday bash at Spur

The East Coast Breakfast team are broadcasting LIVE from Spur Sibaya on the extra day of the year. Here's the rundown on people who have leap year b-days in KZN.
28 Feb 11PM 4 min