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Club DJ’s That Are Not Up To Scratch.

What makes a bad DJ. As listeners are getting ready to enjoy themselves this weekend, Sizwe Dhlomo and the team spoke about what makes a DJ good opn an outing. Listeners quipped in, sharing some of their good and bad experiences with DJ mixes at events.
2 Jun 2AM 14 min

Business Update - Plunging Of Stocks

On Business Update, Nastassia Arendse, spoke with Sizwe Dhlomo about the plunging of stocks, giving exact figures for various retailers. They also answered the question on why there would be discrepancies in the numbers for the different retailers.
2 Jun 1AM 4 min


Today's theme is songs with people's names
2 Jun 1AM 5 min

Using Cash Businesses As A Form of Money Laundering

Daily Maverick published a piece on DJ Sumbody, who was gunned down last year. They say there are now claims – touching on gangs, bullying and fears of violence – are surfacing about the business he left behind with a partner. Sizwe Dhlomo spoke with Independent Political Analyst and qualified…
2 Jun 1AM 9 min


Videos started circulating last night of alleged taxi drivers shooting at Bolt drivers and torching their cars. We picked up on the story and had taxi drivers, e-hailing drivers and passengers all opined on this incident.
2 Jun 12AM 10 min