EFF demands National Shutdown

Today's Daily Friend Show with Marius Roodt, Nicholas Lorimer, and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the EFF's planned, "national shutdown" on Monday next week. They also chat about the ongoing impeachment proceedings of the Public Protector and the President's inability to hold meetings.
15 Mar 8AM English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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Zuma gets a court klap!

In Today's show Terence Corrigan, Michael Morris and Sara Gon discuss today’s court ruling on Zuma’s attempt to privately prosecute a journalist, crazy water quotas and whether the BRICS summit will in fact be held away from South Africa.
7 Jun 8AM 31 min

Eskom exec sabotaging our electricity too

In today's show Sara Gon, Marius Roodt and Gerbrandt van Heerden discuss revelations about an Eskom executive being suspected of sabotaging electricity for his own gain; the president intends to keep the Russian ship enquiry outcome secret and how generally we are conducting our diplomacy; and the huge flight of…
6 Jun 9AM 31 min

South Africa's unemployment disaster

In today's Daily Friend Show Marius Roodt, Michael Morris, and Terence Corrigan discuss the scale of the South African jobs crisis. They also talk about new race laws for businesses and criticism by Grwede Mantashe of an index which ranks how easy it is to mine around the world.
5 Jun 10AM 43 min

South Africa's naked rage

Today's Daily Friend with John Endres, Nicholas Lorimer, and Gerbrandt van Heerden. They discuss the rising level of rage and frustration in the country with governance failure. They also discuss Eskom and why the electricity crisis might be easier to solve than many believe.
1 Jun 8AM 31 min

70 murders a day in 2023

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris, and Sara Gon. They discuss the latest crime stats, an opinion piece about "fearmongering" by Melanie Verwoerd, and a constitutional court ruling about the importance of public participation. Check out Bitvice https://rebrand.ly/bitvice
31 May 8AM 31 min