Ep. 108 Living a life of reverence

What does experiencing reverence for life, nature and your own body really mean? Angel whisperer Belinda Bras-Nel discusses allowing your subtle body to connect with that of other beings or objects; how to honour life as a creative experience facilitating your journey, instead of a struggle for survival; and practical ways to strengthen your subtle energy field. Listen to her talking about her two new wolf pups!
7 Mar English South Africa Self-Improvement · Relationships

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Ep. 120 Conscious journalling: access your body-mind and change your life

Learning to operate the different “gears” of the mind can help us grow still, access our creativity, accept and express our emotions, and follow our internal compass. Educational psychologist Dr. Elsi Meyer explains how conscious journalling fosters perspective, wholeness, healing, and a joyful life.
6 Jun 34 min

Ep. 119 Power gateways of menopause: rewrite your narrative

Is menopause the beginning of the end, or the start of a woman’s most creative years? Positive psychology coach and international endurance athlete Erica Terblanche explains how, instead of growing “invisible”, women can develop courage and compelling visions for their lives. Sharing her own gruelling journey, she offers practical tools…
30 May 1 hr 13 min

Ep. 118 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: stop struggling with negative emotions

How would your life change if you could genuinely accept your inner world and align your actions with what matters to you? Counselling psychologist Bertus Swanepoel introduces Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based model focused on behaviour change. ACT addresses anxiety, mood disorders, chronic pain, overeating and other challenges by…
23 May 56 min

Ep. 117 How to slow down ageing: Blue Zones and nutrigenomics

What’s the secret behind the healthy centenarians of the Blue Zone areas? Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses connectivity, natural movement, down-shifting, a diet rich in bio-actives, and other factors contributing to these individuals’ well-being. Her practical tips can help you incorporate some of these habits into your life.
16 May 34 min

Ep. 116 Spiritual tour to Ireland: reconnecting with nature and lifetimes past

Angel whisperer Belinda Bras-Nel describes a 10-day pilgrimage to Ireland, aimed at reconnecting with nature in a profound way and experiencing past life energies. Listen to stories about myth and legend, visiting sacred sites, meditating in stone circles, light-hearted experiences, growing in trust and surrender, but – above all –…
2 May 1 hr 11 min