SA ‘not close to breaking point at all’ – Imtiaz Sooliman

The country doesn't belong to the government, it belongs to us. And we need active citizenry to do things together, says the Gift of the Givers founder on Moneyweb’s latest #FixSA podcast.
26 Jan English South Africa Business News · Politics

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We are in a crisis moment – Justice Malala

'I think that it's becoming clearer to all of us just how deep our problems are now... I don't think we've left it too late. I think that this time of despair is the right time for us to say we can turn this thing around,' declares the journalist and…
19 May 29 min

It's okay to be angry

Like many South Africans, former diplomat and now commentator Melanie Verwoerd is frustrated at where the country finds itself right now. She says citizens have every right to be angry, but if they’re going to stay, they have an obligation to roll up their sleeves and become involved.
5 May 28 min

Don't look up for leadership, look down – Jay Naidoo

The SA political stalwart and social activist, best known for his role in the fight against apartheid, reflects on the need for a new social compact or social consensus, as well as individual and community activism and volunteerism to help 'fix' the country.
21 Apr 32 min

To fix SA, listen to younger voices – Dion Chang

Trends expert, future thinker and founder of Flux Trends: ‘We are seeing around the world, and even on this continent, that we need to get some younger voices into government or into the public sector.’
24 Mar 25 min