Release grief with the heart chakra

A gentle guided meditation to lead you into your heart chakra to release grief and embrace your unique talents and gifts.
24 Apr 2020 English South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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Shatter illusion with the third eye chakra

Fine-tuning your intuition while connecting to the third-eye Chakra. Deeply connect to your intuition and see the truth of what you are. Music: Inchadney | Dawnchorus in Esbjerg Denmark
3 Jul 2020 26 min

Find your peace with the sacral chakra

A guided meditation to facilitate a deep connection with your emotions. Release the pain, hurt, and rigidity in your body to become aware of what you are resisting. Then open up your senses and find your inner peace. Music: Inchadney | Dawnchorus in Esbjerg Denmark
4 Apr 2020 27 min

Back to basics with the base chakra

This guided meditation will lead you to an awareness of your fears, restlessness and created reality, while on a journey into your base Chakra. Release, heal and balance by deeply connecting to yourself and Mother Earth. Music: Inchadney | Dawnchorus in Esbjerg Denmark
30 Mar 2020 25 min