Bobby's mortal enemy - the jet ski

Bobby's very happy there was no social media at the time when a news insert saw him embarrassing himself on national television. He got completely humbled by a jet ski.
12 Jan 12AM English South Africa Comedy Interviews

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Bobby's bitterness with his lack of whistling skills

Smile Breakfast got talking about things from your childhood that have left a bitter taste in your mouth. Bobby had a very particular incident that left him without the ability to whistle. And for some reason he's held onto it for years.
22 Mar 5AM 2 min

Things you're still salty about from childhood

When you think of your childhood it's often full of happy memories playing with your friends and siblings. But there are also moments that you hold onto with some disdain. Some of those moments might be insignificant in the greater scheme of things, but they can still stay with you…
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Lindy's self-tan childhood nightmare

Lindy has always felt a bit self conscious about something. It goes back to her childhood when she attempted to use self-tan lotion. The problem is that she only used it on her legs - this was the start point of Lindy's feud with her childhood nemesis Lee.
22 Mar 5AM 3 min

A new name for Spray and Cook

Lindy felt inspired to add to the English language with a much more descriptive name for something she uses every day. Warnings would have been helpful though. 
16 Mar 8AM 2 min

What deserves a better name?

It turns out that there are lots of things that our listeners feel are badly named. Just a warning - we can't always control moments when Lindy gets a bit unhinged.
16 Mar 8AM 2 min