Jeremy Mansfield - RAW (Songs and Words From)

Remembering the late and great Jeremy Mansfield with one of the Rude Awakenings milestone releases.

I Smaak U Stukkend
Bring My Terug Na Die Ou Transvaal
Frikkie Geyser - The Ruckby Story
Madiba Magic - Part One
'o Sole Mio (Oh Silly Trio)
Cousin From Lenasia
Chicken Rap (The Rude Awakening Song)
A Call To Chelsea
Madiba Magic - Part Two
The Buthelezi Rap 'in Fact, I Fa, I Fa, I Fa'
Siyaya Bafana - Jeremy & The Choir
Simpiwe - The Bic Lighter
Viva The Fat Man
Mandela's Grandson
Wim Beukes - Chicken Peri Peri
You Bring Out The Animal In Me (A Helping Hand For Max The Gorilla) Bastos
Frikkie Geyser - Steak And Kidney Pies
Happy Burp Day
A Winnie-Ing Tribute
Simpiwe - Peanuts
Viva The Fat Man - Bastos In Country Style
... But On Va Udder Hand, Darren
Rude Awakening Musical Spectacular R. A. M. S
Closing Credits
National Anthem
31 Oct 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Personal Journals

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