In this episode, Anusha speaks to a Jamaican missionary by the name of Heather about the her own nation and how one should pray for Jamaica.
3 Oct 2022 English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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In this episode Anusha helps us to get a window into the nation of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Join as we pray for the work of God's kingdom in this country.
17 Oct 2022 21 min


In this episode, Anusha speaks to a missionary couple from Kenya about the things God is doing among the churches in Africa regarding the call of missions.
22 Aug 2022 19 min

The Nation of China

In this episode we focus on praying for China as we learn more about some of the facts inside China and the gospel.
15 Aug 2022 17 min

Iran Episode 2

Anusha and Gustav share about the Biblical perspective on Iran currently, also taking a moment to pray for the believers in the nation of Iran.
1 Aug 2022 24 min


In this special episode Thiru Peter hosts the show as Anusha is the one being interviewed. She shares her journey to becoming a missionary and about her time in the field.
20 Jun 2022 23 min