WTF Are You Talking About? Episode 1 - "What Should the World Know...NOW?"

As quoted from Episode 1's Introduction:

Hi, my name is Chris Jordan and I want to welcome you to this podcast series “WTF Are You Talking about?”
I’ll do a quick synopsis, then you can expect a fluid conversation that continues in 6 episodes with 3 Gen-Z representatives to “officially” bridge some kind of middle ground between a generation misunderstood for their instant gratified life views, and unconventional walks to self-actualization in a world that has segregated a need to collaborate with them moving forward.

Throughout this series, we will make light, of yes, certain aspects of this current socio-political conversation, but only to highlight a more serious note, that this series aims to really find out what is it, that makes Gen Z, such a highly emancipated worldview.