S03E01 | Alternative lending solutions for SMEs

We answer the age-old question: "How do I finance my business as a SME?"

SMEs often don’t have the capital to make the most of instant opportunities that become available to them as traditional funding from banks may not always be a solution. In this episode, I am joined by a formidable team from Geddes Capital (CEO, Brent Geddes and CIO Warren Deats) who strive to raise the bar when it comes to helping entrepreneurs raise capital for their businesses.

In this conversation, we strip down some of the funding challenges faced by SMEs in South Africa, alternative funding solutions that are available, how to engage with alternative funders and we even touch on possible funding solutions for your side hustle. Yeap! That’s right. Tune in and listen.

Guests: Brent Geddes (CEO, Geddes Capital) and Warren Deats (CIO, Geddes Capital)