Monday Christian Ep. 8: The Trajectory Of Love

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda reveal how a Biblically-inspired understanding of restored creation can drive our daily business practice in a positive direction. Their point is that people are hope-driven beings – we need a compelling vision of the future to motivate us. Paul and Sibs explore what this means in fields as diverse as financial services, architecture, and engineering.
12 Sep 2022 English South Africa Business · Christianity

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Work & Service

In this episode, Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discuss Dorothy Sayer’s third proposition, which is that the worker’s first duty is to serve the work, not the community. Her view is that whenever man is made the centre of things, trouble follows – and that is the problem with making…
19 Nov 48 min

At the Lake: The Cost of Integrity

In this episode, recorded live at Ziwani's At The Lake, accomplished business leaders Alfred Okugbeni, Kwabena Owusu-Adjei, Sam Houlie, and Valentine Gitoho share their profound insights on the concept of integrity, delving into its true meaning and grappling with the costs and benefits of integrity in business.
12 Nov 1 hr 26 min

Work & Vocation

In this episode of Why Work?, Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discuss Dorothy Sayer’s second proposition, which is that when a man or woman is called to a particular job of secular work, it is as true a vocation as though he or she were called to specifically religious work.
30 Oct 38 min

Work & Contentment

In the previous episode of Why Work? Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discussed Dorothy Sayer’s first proposition that work is what we were created to do, not just something we have to do. In this episode they explore its implications for integrating work and rest, and taking pride in producing…
23 Oct 40 min

Work & The Worker

In the previous episode of Why Work? Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim kicked off the series by teasing out how the Covid pandemic altered the way we think about work. In this episode they discuss Dorothy Sayer’s first proposition, and explore some of its implications. Please send any questions or…
9 Oct 45 min