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What does it mean to look at something through a redemptive lens? How can the Christian Biblical worldview help us see our reality not as how it is, but how it should be? On the Reframed podcast channel, various perspectives are offered on how business can become a force for redemptive change within Africa’s unique contexts. In each series you’ll hear from business leaders as they explore the ways that we can fundamentally shape industry and transform society through Biblically-aligned practices.

Reframed is brought to you by Ziwani - a community of business leaders who partner together to live out Kingdom calling in the marketplace within Africa. Ziwani is a Mergon initiative. To know more about us, visit our website at ziwani.com.
Weekly English South Africa Business · Christianity Narrated by Ziwani
95 Episodes
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ATL: The Integrity Advantage: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Tune in to the virtual "At the Lake" conversation featuring Minah Koela, Christian Tetteh Abase, Catherine Katala, and Nissi Ekpott. They have an authentic and candid discussion, exploring "The Integrity Advantage: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities." Drawing from their own experiences, they reveal how they've confronted integrity dilemmas in both their…
8 Apr 1 hr 20 min

The Historical Impact of Business As Mission (Article Audio)

This audio recording of Dr Tongoi's article highlights a few inspiring examples of how Christians have lived out their mission in the marketplace over the course of history - showing how business can truly be a redemptive force in society. Read the full article here: https://ziwani.com/read/the-historical-impact-of-business-as-mission
29 Jan 13 min

Can Business Be Mission? (Article Audio)

This audio recording of Dr Tongoi's article provides a thoughtful starting point for those embarking on 'business as mission' - as a powerful expression of God’s activities in and through the marketplace. You can read the full article here: https://ziwani.com/read/can-business-be-mission
21 Jan 15 min

Work & Service

In this episode, Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discuss Dorothy Sayer’s third proposition, which is that the worker’s first duty is to serve the work, not the community. Her view is that whenever man is made the centre of things, trouble follows – and that is the problem with making…
19 Nov 2023 48 min

At the Lake: The Cost of Integrity

In this episode, recorded live at Ziwani's At The Lake, accomplished business leaders Alfred Okugbeni, Kwabena Owusu-Adjei, Sam Houlie, and Valentine Gitoho share their profound insights on the concept of integrity, delving into its true meaning and grappling with the costs and benefits of integrity in business.
12 Nov 2023 1 hr 26 min

Work & Vocation

In this episode of Why Work?, Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discuss Dorothy Sayer’s second proposition, which is that when a man or woman is called to a particular job of secular work, it is as true a vocation as though he or she were called to specifically religious work.
30 Oct 2023 38 min

Work & Contentment

In the previous episode of Why Work? Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim discussed Dorothy Sayer’s first proposition that work is what we were created to do, not just something we have to do. In this episode they explore its implications for integrating work and rest, and taking pride in producing…
23 Oct 2023 40 min

Work & The Worker

In the previous episode of Why Work? Sibs Sibanda and Paul Kim kicked off the series by teasing out how the Covid pandemic altered the way we think about work. In this episode they discuss Dorothy Sayer’s first proposition, and explore some of its implications. Please send any questions or…
9 Oct 2023 45 min

Work & Dorothy Sayers

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda have reunited for this exciting new podcast series entitled Why Work? based on Dorothy Sayers’ well-known essay. In this introductory episode, they compare Sayers’ World War II context with our post-Covid reality – as two watershed moments in the history of work. Please send any…
26 Sep 2023 43 min

AI: A Redemptive Lens

Join Dr Shikoh Gitau, Paul Kim, and John-Paul Harper as they discuss the positive aspects, challenges, and ethical concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence from a Christian standpoint.
18 Sep 2023 1 hr 14 min

Why Work? (Essay Audio)

‘Why Work?’ is an influential essay by Dorothy L. Sayers outlining a robust and practical theology of work against the background of World War II, that still challenges and inspires today. This is a dictation of the essay.
11 Sep 2023 39 min

Doing Business Differently: Be Creative and Hopeful

Karabo presents a thought-provoking challenge to Christians as he urges us to adopt a perspective that envisions the world as it ought to be, and then to work towards bringing that envisioned world into reality.
3 Sep 2023 12 min

Defying Stereotypes for Men and Women in the Workplace

Sylvia Kithinji, a legal professional and head of corporate and commercial law at Ashitiva Associates in Kenya, shares her insights on empowering women in the African marketplace. She highlights the need for consciousness and awareness of the unique barriers women face, such as systemic corruption, stereotypes, and biased career choices.
14 Aug 2023 36 min
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