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What does it mean to look at something through a redemptive lens? How can the Christian Biblical worldview help us see our reality not as how it is, but how it should be? On the Reframed podcast channel, various perspectives are offered on how business can become a force for redemptive change within Africa’s unique contexts. In each series you’ll hear from business leaders as they explore the ways that we can fundamentally shape industry and transform society through Biblically-aligned practices.

Reframed is brought to you by Ziwani - a community of business leaders who partner together to live out Kingdom calling in the marketplace within Africa. Ziwani is a Mergon initiative. To know more about us, visit our website at ziwani.com.
Weekly English South Africa Business · Christianity Narrated by Ziwani
56 Episodes
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Business & Justice Ep 2: Embrace the City as Your Mission Field

Russell Curtis, the CEO of Invest Durban, shares his journey of embracing cities as a mission field, motivated by his love for people and God's love for him. He discusses his work with Invest Durban and the Durban Chamber of Commerce in bringing leaders together to invest in the city,…
20 Mar 31 min

Business & Justice Ep 1: Embrace Business as a Calling

Sammy Rabolele is the co-founder and Executive Producer of Beyond The Eyes Network, an online TV platform that aims to showcase the work of the divine Creator in the world through storytelling. In this podcast, Sammy shares his personal journey of recognising business as a calling and the integral role…
13 Mar 23 min

At the Lake: Supporting the Flourishing of Women at Work

In this "At the Lake" discussion, Irene Banda, Sylvia Kithinji and Anthony Farr share with Susannah Farr why they believe that empowering women in the African marketplace isn't an obligation but rather an advantage for businesses. They discuss the realities of the women that they encounter in their various contexts,…
6 Mar 1 hr 21 min

At the Lake: Work-Life Wholeness – How Business Leaders Tackle the Challenge

Balancing work, family, and personal well-being can be a challenging task, especially for business leaders who are passionate about living out their faith in the marketplace. Join Almero Strauss, Abella Bateyunga, Jacob Zikusooka and Phillipa Geard as they discuss how they remain whole-hearted while navigating their different roles and responsibilities.
27 Feb 1 hr 22 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 28 Redemptive Capitalism

In this final episode of the series, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda discuss the potential and limitations of capitalism as a redemptive force in society, in contrast to communism. Referring to practical examples in specific industries, they interrogate the concepts of human agency and direction of purpose, as well as…
19 Feb 25 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 27 Pursue A Quiet Life?

In this episode of the Monday Christian series, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda address the idolatry of work, which prevents us from integrating the different aspects of our lives in a healthy way. They then guide us in how to pursue shalom, which basically means ‘nothing missing, nothing broken’ –…
12 Feb 22 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 26 Work Rest Rhythms

In this episode, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda comment on the contemporary ideal of achieving work-life balance. Acknowledging the rise of mental health challenges in the workplace, they argue that ‘work’ and ‘life’ are not two opposing forces. So rather than pursuing that elusive ‘balance’ as our north star, we…
5 Feb 19 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 25 Don't Be Weird

Brandon Paschal is a Venture and Innovation Consultant in the AgriTech space. For him, the awareness that everyone he meets is an image bearer of God, has been a fruitful guideline in his work with entrepreneurs. He advises believers in the marketplace to engage with people humbly, do their job…
29 Jan 21 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 24 Missing Grace In Action

In this episode of the Monday Christian podcast series, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda highlight the dangers of misunderstanding common grace. These include subscribing to dualism, playing destructive power games in business, having an overly optimistic view of what Christians are capable of, or falling into an us-versus-them mentality. Instead…
22 Jan 17 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 23 The Gift Of Common Grace

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda define the gift of common grace in more detail, and discuss its practical implications for business. Having a clear understanding of God’s goodness and mercy to all, and how it relates to his justice and righteousness – enables us to keep our balance between apparent…
15 Jan 20 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 22 Piece Of The Puzzle

In this episode, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda introduce the profound topic of common grace. Referring back to the 4-chapter biblical worldview of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration, they attempt to answer some of the difficult questions stirred by our real-life experiences of good and evil.
9 Jan 18 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 21 God's Sovereignty, My Responsibility

Nola Dlamini is an electrical engineer with 24 years’ experience in the ICT Sector. As a corporate professional and a single mom, she believes there is great comfort in surrendering to God sovereignty. Though some moments seem insignificant at the time – when we look back we can see God…
11 Dec 2022 23 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 20 The Beauty Of Hindsight

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda refer to the remarkable story of Joseph as a reminder that God is constantly at work in human history. They encourage us in the knowledge that all the things that go right, and all the things that go wrong, are ultimately part of God’s unfolding…
4 Dec 2022 17 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 19 Off Balance In Two Ways

In this episode, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda dive deeper into the interplay between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility, and why it matters in our approach to business. They discuss the tension that exists, and the fallacy of emphasising the one at the expense of the other.
27 Nov 2022 24 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 18 Who's In Charge

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda grapple with the complex (and sometimes contentious) topic of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. They believe it to be a deep and fruitful truth that brings great freedom, and also enables us to withstand the inevitable turmoil of life.
20 Nov 2022 18 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 17 Mixing Faith And Psychology

We conclude the theme of faith by interviewing psychologist Dr Mokgaetji Somo. From her experience in working with refugee families in America, to opening a private practice in South Africa – she explains why belief cannot be separated from psychology, and how Spirit-led wisdom can bring healing to clients, even…
13 Nov 2022 20 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 16 Good Things Come In Threes

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda tie together the threads of love, hope and faith – revealing how these enable resilience in the face of many challenges. They dive straight into practical business examples – from food retailers to financial services. Paul also shares from their Picsa-journey, which was birthed out…
6 Nov 2022 23 min

Monday Christian: Ep. 15 The Integrity Of Faith

By drawing on Scripture, Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda argue that our faith has to produce corresponding action. There is a danger when we become so output-driven that we appropriate the methods of famous secular entrepreneurs – without questioning how they achieved their success. As Christian business leaders we need…
31 Oct 2022 19 min

Monday Christian Ep. 14: The Faith Equation

Paul Kim and Sibs Sibanda start off by defining the word ‘faith’ from philosophical and practical perspectives. They counter the idea that faith means ‘blindly believing something despite having no evidence for it’, and investigate the juxtaposition of faith and reason. A compelling discussion on the far-reaching consequences of profound…
24 Oct 2022 22 min

Monday Christian Ep.13: Hope Through Town Planning

A town planner with over 19 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, Phumeza Qwashu offers hands-on commentary on the redemptive role that town planning can play. Believing that it is the ‘walk’ that matters, not the ‘talk’ – she advises entrepreneurs on overcoming roadblocks to planning permissions, and…
17 Oct 2022 17 min
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