S4/Ep.01 - Boys, Technology, and Empathy

Join Kori Brown from The Haverford School (United States), Polly Higgins from King Edward’s School (United Kingdom), and Laura Sabo from St. Christopher’s School (United States) as they discuss Brown’s IBSC Action Research project that explores using digital “selfless portraits” to foster cognitive empathy in eighth-grade boys. Brown garnered the 2022 IBSC Action Research award in recognition of her outstanding and innovative contribution to the IBSC community.

Listen to this podcast episode for insight from Brown and program leaders, then get more information on a variety of topics for boys’ educators in hundreds of IBSC Action Research reports.

Better yet, apply for the 2023-24 IBSC Action Research Program and conduct a project yourself.

IBSC Exploring Boys’ Education music composed and performed by Tom DiGiovanni.
5 Sep 2022 English United States Education

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