International Boys' Schools Coalition Exploring Boys' Education (Members Channel)

Exploring Boys' Education (Members Channel)

Join Bruce Collins, host of the International Boys' Schools Coalition's Exploring Boys' Education podcast, as he takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of boys' education. Together with expert guests, Bruce will unravel and analyze the most pressing challenges facing boys, their teachers, and the schools they attend. Get ready to be an active participant in shaping the future of boys' education by tuning in to this must-listen podcast.
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S4/Ep.07 - The Intersection of Race and Gender in Boys' Schools

Delve into the intersection of race and gender in boys' schools with Ramón Javier, head of school at George Jackson Academy (United States), who shares insights on how schools can address the crucial aspects of diversity, inclusion, and equity. The discussion covers the unique challenges and opportunities that boys' schools…
1 May 34 min

S4/Ep.06 - Supporting Gender Diverse Students in Boys’ Schools

Hear sociologist and anti-violence advocate Ethan Levine (he/him) discuss supporting gender-diverse students in boys' schools. He shares his motivation for advocacy, highlights the importance of this work for all students, and addresses common misconceptions. Levine provides best practices for inclusive environments, mission statements, and language use while emphasizing the impact…
17 Mar 42 min

S4/Ep.05 - Helping Boys Discover What Being a Guy Means to Them

Hear professor, author, and licensed clinical psychologist Christopher Reigeluth highlight the importance of having conversations about masculinity in current times. He unpacks the “guy code” and offers advice for educators and leaders in boys’ schools to help boys engage with society’s gender rules and the boxes these rules create. Reigeluth…
30 Jan 36 min

S4/Ep.03 - Boys and the Arts

Hear from Shannon Frigyik and Thembekile Maseko from St. John’s College Preparatory School (South Africa) and Mark Stenhouse from St. Alban’s College (South Africa) as they reflect on the role of the arts in the lives of boys. Delve into the positive impact music and drama have on younger boys…
18 Nov 2022 36 min

S4/Ep.02 - Preparing Boys for the Future

Join Charles Bailey and Hannah Fox from Harrow School (United Kingdom) as they chart the development of a curriculum that prepares boys for a life of service, learning, leadership, and fulfilment. Following a recent no-assumptions curriculum review, 2021-22 marked the first year of Harrow's innovative Curriculum 2025. Gain a sense…
7 Oct 2022 37 min

S4/Ep.01 - Boys, Technology, and Empathy

Join Kori Brown from The Haverford School (United States), Polly Higgins from King Edward’s School (United Kingdom), and Laura Sabo from St. Christopher’s School (United States) as they discuss Brown’s IBSC Action Research project that explores using digital “selfless portraits” to foster cognitive empathy in eighth-grade boys. Brown garnered the…
5 Sep 2022 39 min

S3/Ep.09 - Sustaining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work in Boys’ Schools

Hear from diversity and inclusion strategist Derrick Gay as he addresses the challenges schools may face in developing sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. He speaks about the hurdles and opportunities presented by schools’ efforts and reflects on the resistance some school communities experience as they strive to become…
13 May 2022 28 min

S3/Ep.08 - Boys' Schools Understand and Celebrate Boys

Join Tom Batty, principal of Scotch College (Australia), Byron Hulsey, headmaster of Woodberry Forest School (United States), and Tony Reeler, principal of Bishops Diocesan College (South Africa), as they reflect on the new IBSC brochure Boys' Schools Understand and Celebrate Boys. IBSC Exploring Boys’ Education music composed and performed by…
15 Apr 2022 43 min

S3/Ep.07 - Helping Boys Embrace Healthy Masculinity Part 1

Listen to this two-part episode focused on the importance of helping boys embrace healthy masculinity. In part one, gain insight from Gordon Braxton, author, activist, and educator on sexual violence. In part two, get ideas from Craig Wilkinson, founder and CEO of Father a Nation in South Africa. IBSC Exploring…
18 Mar 2022 38 min

S3/Ep.07 - Helping Boys Embrace Healthy Masculinity Part 2

Listen to this two-part episode focused on the importance of helping boys embrace healthy masculinity. In part two, get ideas from Craig Wilkinson, founder and CEO of Father a Nation in South Africa. In part one, gain insight from Gordon Braxton, author, activist, and educator on sexual violence. IBSC Exploring…
18 Mar 2022 20 min

S3/Ep.06 - Enhancing Boys’ Well-Being: An Exploring Boys' Schools Feature

Hear from Upper Canada College (Canada) Dean of Student Life and Well-Being Scott Cowie and Coordinator of Student Well-Being Programs Laurie Fraser about their approach to enhancing boys’ well-being. Cowie and Fraser highlight the strategy, framework, and intent that underpin the school’s well-being programs and share how they operationalize this…
3 Feb 2022 35 min

S3/Ep.05 - What Every Boy Should Know About Consent

Find out why it is essential for boys’ schools to educate students about consent and how we can help boys understand the qualities of respectful, healthy relationships. Student safety and healthy relationships expert Katie Koestner focuses on the characteristics of affirmative and enthusiastic consent to illustrate how we can empower…
6 Jan 2022 45 min

S3/Ep.04 - Sustaining Staff and Faculty Wellbeing in Schools

Gain invaluable insights about promoting well-being and resilience among all school staff from Andrew Cowley, co-founder of Healthy Toolkit and author of The Wellbeing Toolkit. Cowley explains why it’s important to focus on staff well-being in schools and details a holistic approach for schools to consider. He also offers advice…
6 Dec 2021 28 min

S3/Ep.03 - Boys, Technology, and Learning Relationships

Get insight into the recent IBSC-commissioned report Building Learning Relationships Through the Use of Technology directly from leader of the study Professor Alison Clark-Wilson, principal research fellow at the UCL Knowledge Lab. With a special focus on boys' education, the research illuminates how technology can help and hinder productive learning…
4 Nov 2021 33 min

S3/Ep.02 - The Heart of a Boy: An Exploring Books Feature

As Kate Parker turns her lens on boys, she shows the true emotional depth of a boy in her book, The Heart of a Boy: Celebrating the Strength and Spirit of Boyhood. Hear Parker share the insights she gained from boys as she put this project together—emphasizing boys need to…
8 Oct 2021 24 min

S3/Ep.01 - IBSC and the Future

Join Chris Post, David Dini, and David Ferguson as they reflect on the past 18 months, discuss their current thoughts concerning the education of boys, and examine what’s ahead for IBSC. They emphasize the importance of relationships, belonging, and community; the power of gratitude and hope; and the opportunity we’ve…
13 Sep 2021 31 min

S2/Ep.14 - Enabling Boys to Flourish: An Exploring Boys' Schools Feature

Hear from Prince Alfred College (Australia) Headmaster Bradley Fenner and colleagues Greg Atterton and John Stewart about their approach to pastoral care. Their philosophy is closely linked to the responsibility they feel to nurture the unique qualities of each boy and the development of young men of character. Fenner, Atterton,…
13 Jul 2021 33 min

S2/Ep.13 - Positive Masculinity: An Exploring Boys' Schools Feature

Hear from Brighton Grammar School (Australia) Headmaster Ross Featherston and Ray Swann, director of the school’s Crowther Centre, about their approach to operationalizing positive masculinity. Featherston and Swann highlight the importance of encouraging boys to embody healthy expressions of masculinity, explore the challenges boys’ schools face regarding outdated expressions of…
21 Jun 2021 34 min

S2/Ep.12 - Wired to Connect

Michael Reichert leads the latest discussion on relational teaching, unpacking what it means to become a relational boys’ school. Get expert advice about putting relational learning at the center of school life. Offering encouragement to teachers facing relational challenges with the boys they teach, he shares strategies for schools as…
1 Jun 2021 36 min

S2/Ep.11 - Boys and Sport

Following the successful IBSC Ideas Lab about Boys and Sports, get expert insight from Krinesan Moodley of St. Alban’s College (South Africa) and Jo Hackett of The Loughborough Schools Foundation in the United Kingdom. Moodley and Hackett dive into the benefits of sports, positive coaching philosophies in boys’ schools, the…
7 May 2021 30 min
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